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Our rescue opened during Covid, we’ve always worked on a shoestring budget often in the red, however it’s a much bigger problem now. We’ve felt comfortable operating in the red as long as we were saving lives. Our concern is that we might not be able to continue saving lives if we don’t help ourselves out now. 

We need your help! Our current debt is over $8k on the credit card and we still have more coming as we spay/neuter more animals! Vet bills are just an astronomical hit to our bottom line but necessary! We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have an amazing team working with our critters. 

We’re hoping you can share this with your friends, family, colleagues and employers!




Urgent plea to share this love bug!!! We need a structured foster or adopter who can take the time with him ASAP!!!

Meatloaf (Meaty) has been with us 426 days. He’s a dog that needs slow transitioning, regular exercise and structured routine. He is very affectionate and bonds to humans not things. 

Rescue is meant to be a stop over not a forever placement. Our busy rescue and full time work life is not for a dog like him.  He has been bounced around from the rescue to temporary fosters/babysitters and crated during work hours. He’s declining in our care due to lack of stimulation and unstructured housing. He is stressed and really needs a home to learn, love and relax in.
On the flip side, he walks great with a headyhalti. His cartoon watching abilities are exceptional and he won’t ever leave you for someone else! He wants his own human(s) so very badly.
His adoption is sponsored so he’s just looking for his forever home! No cats, no kids. Other dogs that are tolerant of rude behavior okay. He will settle with love and routine but it just takes TIME. 

Ways To Help:

We are a donation-based animal rescue. All donations big or small go towards helping the animals! Vet bills get big around here to keep the critters healthy. All donations of any size are always appreciated

All profits from our shop go to the animals. By purchasing items from us, you are helping by spreading our logo and funding necessary vet visits for our critters.

Adopting helps the animals! Not only do you get a new friend for life, you help open up a space in our rescue for another animal in need.

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We are looking for foster homes for our homeless animals! Fosters are the heart of this rescue, we need YOU so we can help THEM! Ideally, we will match a dog in need to match your lifestyle. Once you let us know you would like to foster, we will send out a few questions to match you to the best of our abilities! We provide the vet care, food and supplies. We ask to be patient and love them like they are your own. 
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